R – PsychEng seminar check list

Before term

Ask people

Try to schedule 1/month

Ask for title, abstract (and bio!)

Beginning of term

Post/Send out term’s schedule

1 week before

Set up food RSVP link

Provide radio buttons for “no restrictions” “vegetarian” “vegan” and “no food provided” to limit perceived accommodation and clarify responses.

Make it clear in email that they should use the link to RSVP (not email psych_eng@mie)

Ask Hannah Bild-Enkin <info@psych.utoronto.ca>/Kathleen Cook to send out announcement


Hannah: 416-978-7617  SS4020

Kathleen: 416-978-3404 SS4034

Ask Liz Do to update seminar series pages

2-3 Days before:

Order food – deliver to Psych office SS4020, if not using grad lounge SS4043

Day of:

Put a bio on phone

Bring back-up projector, dongles and clicker

Meet food delivery

Ask no photos / videos during talk if needed