Temporary page for MIE1444 Engineering for Psychologists Course syllabus and schedule

MIE 1444: Engineering for Psychologists (Summer 2018)

This course is intended for those without an undergraduate background in engineering.  The only way the enrollment system can check for this is to limit course enrollment to those with instructor permission. Ironically, the course instructor cannot see attempts at enrollment.  Therefore, when you enroll, please send me your undergraduate transcript (unofficial is ok for now) to shu@mie.utoronto.ca.


Prof. L.H. Shu

E-mail:  shu@mie.utoronto.ca

Telephone:  416 946-3028

Office:  MC 420 / BA8126


First lecture May 1, 2018

Tuesdays and Thursdays, 3-5pm MC306 (location to be confirmed)

Marking System:

Attendance/Participation 10%

Exam 35%

Project 55%

Provisional Schedule:

wk Tue.date Lecture: Tuesday Lecture: Thursday  Notes
1 May 1 1. Course introduction 

2. Need identification 

3. Translating needs to specifications (HOQ) 

4. Functional decomposition

May 7 2018 – add date
2 May 8 Prof. Michael Gruninger, MIE: Information engineering project
Prof. Mark Chignell, MIE: Human-factors engineering project
3 May 15 Prof. Peter Grant, Institute of Aerospace Studies: Pilot training project
Prof. Jeffrey Siegel, Civil Engineering: Building sciences project
4 May 22 Prof. Mark Fox, MIE: Urban systems engineering project


Prof. Goldie Nejat/Shane Saunderson, MIE: “Persuasive Robotics and Trust in Human-Robotics Interaction” Project
5 May 29 Prof. Mark Chignell lecture: Prototyping and wire-frame modeling Prof. Birsen Donmez, MIE (To be confirmed):  Driver behavior project
6 June 5 5. Affordances

6. Transformation

Design for Pro-Environmental Behavior Project

7. Fixation

8. Functional fixedness

Overcoming fixation and functional fixedness project

June 8 2018– Summer-Y drop date
7 June 12 9.  Concept generation methods 

10. Bio-inspired (design-by-analogy) concept generation

11. Concept combination/evaluation12. Configuration design 
8 June 19 13. Design for Assembly 1
14. Design for Assembly 2
9-16 June 26-Aug 14 Work on project, meet with project supervisor and course instructor as required, make progress / final project presentations
Aug 16 Submit final project report